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We can help you identify the public grants to which you are entitled, depending on the nature of your project. We also examine all the support mechanisms you may need to make your investment a success (subsidies, subsidized or low-interest loans, tax exemptions, deferral of loan repayments, etc.).

The firm also works with banks, investment funds and private companies to assist you at every stage of your financing operation: negotiating and drafting documentation, analyzing and setting up guarantees, monitoring contract performance and helping you renegotiate financing terms.

The firm also offers its expertise in alternative financing solutions for start-ups and SMEs (green finance, crowdfunding, responsible investment with ESG criteria, etc.).

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Newsletter – SCF Global investments accelerating local action for a sustainable future April 2023

The location of your project is a strategic decision, and will determine the success of your business project. We can support you in your relocation projects, and work with our partners to identify real estate solutions tailored to your business (business districts, industrial hubs, office parks, etc.).

The firm can help you negotiate and draw up contracts relating to your project. We also audit existing contracts to ensure that they do not contain any illegal clauses.

The success of a project also depends on the quality of the partners you work with, and their understanding of your expectations. When supporting innovative projects on the African continent, or simply international projects, the firm is heavily involved in finding competent technical partners (manufacturers, distributors, logisticians) who are committed to your business.

With the support of our network, we can help you identify suitable partners and negotiate, draw up and monitor commercial agreements.

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